The cathedral will be closed from 27 November 2020 to 11 December 2020. Services will continue with clergy-only present and we invite to join us for any of our services through the cathedral’s web cam.

Evening Prayer

Services of Evening Prayer take place in the cathedral at 5pm on weekdays. These services will continue during the tighter coronavirus restrictions with clergy-only but you are very welcome to join us through the web cam. During Advent we are using the liturgy in the PDF linked below.

november 2020

  • As part of the Covid tracing rules Churchwardens will keep a list of attendees each Sunday, in case someone later presents with symptoms.
  • Everywhere will be cleaned in advance of a service; hand sanitizer will be available for everyone coming in and we would ask you to touch as few surfaces as possible.
  • All non-essential items will have been removed including hymn books, prayer books, kneelers, and seat mats but you may bring your own prayer book or cushion.
  • We regret that we cannot congregate for long periods outside church buildings before or after services and we are unable to provide refreshments.
  • Again, as we have to follow the social distancing guidelines in place at this time, it will mean only one person per pew or stall – apart for families / households who can sit together.
  • We are encouraged to fill the church from the front (some areas will be closed off) – please follow the directions of the wardens and we are sorry if that means in the short term you are unable sit in your traditional seat.
  • Offerings should be deposited into clearly marked receptacles on the way out.
  • Again, to protect social distancing etc we should leave by the rear stalls first.
  • The toilets are closed apart from in an emergency.
  • Initially, it is unlikely that there will be congregational singing but it may be possible to incorporate music in other ways.
  • In services of Holy Communion, under the present directives, we can only offer communion in one kind i.e. bread. Please come forward in a line and receive standing from the clergy – we cannot stand or kneel at the communion rail.
  • Face coverings are not a requirement at present. Individuals who wish should feel comfortable to wear a face covering.